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‘Thank You For Your Time’: Sean Spicer Ends Trump Interview After He Melts Down While Pushing His Big Lie On Newsmax



Sean Spicer and Donald Trump

Appearing for an interview on Newsmax, former President Donald Trump made several dark and ominous statements, telling host Sean Spicer that “our country has gone really downhill in the last eight months like nobody’s ever seen before.”

Trump then predicted that America would end within the next three years.

“And you go to these elections coming up in ’22 and ’24 — we’re not going to have a country left. The election was rigged and we’re not going to have a country left in three years, I’ll tell you that,” Trump falsely claimed, repeating his debunked “Big Lie” about election fraud.

Trump’s gloomy prediction prompted his former Trump press secretary to bring the interview to an end.

“You’ve been very generous with your time, thank you for that,” Spicer —who infamously lied about the turnout at Trump’s inauguration— said.

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