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Ted Cruz Torched For Sharing Yet Another Wildly Misleading Tweet



Ted Cruz
Rafael (Ted) Cruz is facing backlash for spreading misinformation on social media. (Photo: Imgur)

Senator Ted Cruz sparked an avalanche of mockery for sharing more disinformation on social media. On Monday, the Texas Republican shared a wildly out-of-context tweet about the border and quickly got noted by the Twitter community.

Cruz retweeted a message with a video showing part of the border wall apparently welded open.

“The Biden administration welded open the Trump border wall in Tucson, AZ. It’s not a crisis. It’s by design,” the original message said.

“This…is…nuts,” Cruz wrote, blaming it on President Joe Biden.

The message have been circulating in right-wing media. However, as a community noted, “These are floodgates that are required to be opened during Arizona’s monsoon season. If left closed, the force of flash floods caused by seasonal rain and the debris they carry would topple the border wall. This practice was also done during the Trump administration,” as reported by the Washington Post in January 2020.

Cruz has had some well-documented struggles with social media. Just last week, for example, he fell for hoax footage supposedly showing a shark swimming in the flooded waters of the 405 freeway in Los Angeles ― footage that resurfaces as a joke during many floods for more than a decade now.

In 2017, he “liked” a hardcore porn video, which he later blamed on a staffer. And everyone remembers his trip to Cancun as his state suffered from crippling power outages in the midst of a devastating ice storm was exposed by pics on social media … and his attempts to joke about it with tweets backfired.

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