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Ted Cruz Hammered After Botched Attempt to Score Political Points With False Claims About Biden’s Response to Hamas Attack



Ted cruz is facing political blowback for lying about Joe Biden's response to the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel
Ted cruz is facing political blowback for lying about Joe Biden's response to the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel. (Photo: imgur)

In a recent social media blitz, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is facing widespread backlash for falsely claiming that President Joe Biden hesitated to express support for Israel in the wake of a Hamas strike. Cruz, aiming to cast Democrats as influenced by Israel-hating leftists, claimed that Biden “took days… to say the U.S. stands with Israel.”

However, Cruz’s narrative quickly crumbled as a Community Note pointed out a critical flaw — Biden had, in fact, promptly voiced support for Israel immediately after the attack in both a press conference and a post on the platform X. Israeli officials and civilians applauded Biden’s swift response, with even David Friedman, the former Trump administration ambassador to Israel, commending the U.S. president’s actions.

Undeterred, Cruz doubled down in subsequent X posts, asserting his technical correctness by highlighting that Biden didn’t use his specific preferred wording in expressing support for Israel.

The Canadian-born Republican disputed the community note, contending that “The community note is FALSE. Biden said (in the article cited) ‘I made clear to PM Netanyahu that we stand ready to offer all appropriate means of support… ‘ALL APPROPRIATE MEANS OF SUPPORT’ is not ‘America stands with Israel. Period. Full stop.'”

He went on to criticize fact-checkers, claiming that on October 7, the U.S. State Department urged Israel to refrain from retaliation, and on October 8, Secretary Blinken called for a ceasefire, insinuating a lack of support for Israel from the Biden administration. Cruz further alleged that both statements were deleted after he labeled them as outrageous.

“Nice try, fact-checkers, but the facts aren’t on your side for this one. On 10/7, the U.S. State Department called on Israel to refrain from retaliating against the terrorists who were beheading babies and shooting concert attendees,” Cruz wrote. On 10/8, Secretary Blinken called for a ceasefire and demanded that Israel refrain from self-defense. The Biden administration’s lack of support for Israel is disturbing. BOTH statements were deleted after I called them out as outrageous.”

Contrary to Cruz’s persistence, even some of his own followers felt compelled to contradict him. Earlier in the day, one of his supporters highlighted that, in a speech on October 7, Biden used the exact words, “Let there be no mistake, the United States stands with the state of Israel,” just hours after the attack occurred.

Needless to say, Cruz is still being buried in scorn after his failed attempt to score political points at Biden’s expense.