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Ted Cruz Approval Rating Among Republican Voters Plummets 23 Points Following Cancun Debacle



A new poll has found that Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s approval rating among Republicans has plummeted 23 percentage points since last week’s controversy over his family trip to Cancun as the state grappled with power outages triggered by a deep freeze.

According to a Yahoo/YouGov poll released on Wednesday, around 53 percent of Republicans approved of the way Sen. Cruz is handling his job, a 23 percentage point decline from his ratings in January. A month earlier, his approval rating stood at 76 percent among Republicans, in a separate poll conducted by Morning Consult.

Around 24 percent of voters approved of Cruz as a senator while 49 percent disapproved of his performance, the poll conducted between 20 February and 22 February found.

Cruz had flown to Cancun with his family while Texans were left to deal with electricity and water shortages. After the news about his vacation broke, the Texas Republican quickly abandoned the trip and later admitted that it had been a “mistake.” He then blamed his daughters for the trip.