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In Surprise Move, Lindsey Graham Publicly Condemns Trump For NASCAR Rant Demanding Bubba Wallace Apologize

In a rare turn of events, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) condemned Donald Trump on Monday after the president claimed that…

Carl Anthony 3 Min Read

Trump Rips NASCAR For Banning Confederate Flag, Demands Bubba Wallace’s Apology Over Noose ‘Hoax’

Donald Trump on Monday railed against NASCAR for banning the Confederate flag from its races and targeted Bubba Wallace, one…

Carl Anthony 2 Min Read

Noose Found In Garage Used By NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace, The Only Top Level Black Driver In The Sport

A noose was found in the garage stall used by NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace, the only Black driver in the sport’s…

Carl Anthony 3 Min Read

Part-Time NASCAR Driver Ray Ciccarelli Says He’ll Quit Over Confederate Flag Ban

Part-time NASCAR driver Ray Ciccarelli, who has never won a race, just found a dubious way to make a name…

Carl Anthony 2 Min Read

Trump Supporters Lose It After NASCAR Bans Confederate Flags At All Events: ‘Good Luck On Filling Those Stands’

NASCAR announced on Wednesday that the Confederate battle banner would be prohibited at all of its events and properties. JUST…

Carl Anthony 2 Min Read
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