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Stephen Colbert Trolls Right-Wingers Over Dumb Freakout Over Bud Light



Late Show host Stephen Colbert had a laugh on Tuesday over conservatives going into meltdown mode after Bud Light launched a collaboration with transgender actor Dylan Mulvaney.

As part of a boycott, many right-wing objectors have posted wild videos of themselves tossing out Bud Light and even shooting the product with AR-15s.

Colbert aired a clip of “conservative thought leader” Kid Rock shooting at his beer, while Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) shared a video of himself looking in his fridge for Bud Light to throw out.

He had plenty of beer, but none of it was Bud Light.

However, as Colbert noted, social media users quickly pointed out that some of the beer in his fridge was produced by Anheuser-Busch, which also makes Bud Light.

“Foiled again by corporate hegemony!” Colbert said, then mimicked a conservative trying to find a brand that hasn’t been canceled by the right — without luck:

Watch the segment below:


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