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RUINED: Alex Jones’s Attempt To Avoid Paying Sandy Hook Families Backfires In Court



Alex Jones

Far-right conspiracy monger and Infowars host Alex Jones Jones last month filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protections in an attempt to evade a court order to prevent Sandy Hook families from collecting a $1.5 billion judgment against him.

On Monday, however, Houston Judge Christopher M. López reportedly ended Jones’s bankruptcy protections, by lifting a stay that was automatically put in place when Jones filed for bankruptcy.

The judge ruled to “immediately to (i) allow the Sandy Hook Post-Trial Families’ Cases to continue to proceed to entry of final judgment and (ii) once judgments are entered, to allow appeals, if any, to proceed and the Sandy Hook Post-Trial Families to pursue, respond to and participate in any such appeals without further order of the Court.”

As reported by News 12’s John Craven, the families of Sandy Hook victims agreed to postpone collection of the massive debt for now.


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