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Right-Wing Pastor Urges Trump To Fire Fauci And Hire ‘Outstanding Christian’ Ben Carson



Right-wing pastor Curt Landry is reportedly tired of listening to Dr. Anthony Fauci tell the truth about the coronavirus and instead wants Donald Trump to hire “outstanding Christian” Ben Carson to lead the coronavirus task force.

Landry claims that Fauci is scaring people by telling the truth about the virus.

“Whose side is he on? Is he on the side of the righteous, or does he have an agenda?” Landry said, speaking of Fauci.

“So you say well, how do you do that?” he continued. “Well, just do a little research for yourself and find out who his friends are and find out what his agenda is. But the other thing is, quite simply, if you don’t have time for that, let me ask you this question: He’s a doctor — how does he make you feel when he speaks?”

“Does he cause you anxiety? Does he cause you fear? Or does he bring you hope and peace? For instance, another one of the doctors working with President Trump is Ben Carson. So you listen to doctor Ben Carson. How does he make you feel? Do you feel like hopeful? Do you feel at peace? I know he’s a believer, I know he’s good friends with some of the friends that I have, and they say that he’s an outstanding Christian man. So, all I know is, how does he make you feel? Are you encouraged? The Bible says you will know a tree by its fruit. So you need to pray according to the Lord’s word, and is he for the Lord or is he against the Lord?”

Take a look at his remarks in the video clip below:

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