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Republican Senator Slams ‘Democracy’, Claims It Can ‘Thwart’ Peace And Prosperity



Republican senator Mike Lee, of Utah, sparked a fierce backlash on Thursday after tweeting a series of attacks on democracy.

Lee, who is in self-isolation after testing positive for the coronavirus, says he’ll return from quarantine to vote on the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett for the Nov. 3 election, which he appeared to question repeatedly on Twitter while watching the vice presidential debate.

“We’re not a democracy,” he claimed in one of his tweets after declaring that the term does not appear in the constitution.

“The word ‘democracy’ appears nowhere in the Constitution, perhaps because our form of government is not a democracy,” he claimed. “It’s a constitutional republic. To me it matters,” he added.

He then claimed that democracy can “thwart” liberty, peace, and prosperity.

Lee’s tweets triggered an avalanche of responses, with people blasting him over the remarks.

Here are some of the responses: