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Off-Duty Cop Opens Fire On Alleged Shoplifting Suspect At Walmart Parking Lot



A police officer is under investigation after he opened fire on an alleged shoplifting suspect outside a Walmart in Del City, Oklahoma.

A video captured by a witness shows the off-duty officer involved in an altercation with a shoplifting suspect in a car parked outside the Walmart near Southeast 15th Street and Sooner Road. The footage then shows the driver back up with the officer still in close proximity to the vehicle when the officer pulls his gun and opens fire.

Several gunshots could be heard in the video, which shows the driver fleeing the scene. Shortly after the shooting, Del City police officers could be seen arriving at the Walmart.

According to police, the man had a receipt. Authorities said the man was taken to an area hospital and is expected to be OK.

Officials said it’s too early to tell what will happen to the officer, who is assigned Langston University.

Police will continue to investigate the shooting and present information to the district attorney, who will decide if charges will be filed.

Langston University officials released the following statement: “The officer was not performing duties on behalf of Langston University at that time of the incident. The Langston University Police Department intends to cooperate with the Del City Police Department if assistance is requested.”

Watcht eh video below: