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Police Looking For Woman Who Threw a Glass Bottle At a Black Jogger While Yelling Racial Slurs



The New York Police Department has released a disturbing video showing a racial hate-spewing woman hurling a glass bottle at a Black woman jogging in Queens, calling her the N-word, and yelling that she should go back to Africa.

Tiffany Johnson, 37, who lives in Woodside, didn’t report the Aug. 17 attack on 53rd Place and Broadway in her neighborhood until a friend saw the shocking video posted on social media.

The footage, released by NYPD Wednesday, shows a woman sipping from a glass bottle as she approaches the corner. She then suddenly hurls it at Johnson, who’s jogging by.

The bottle breaks, Johnson turns around, confused — and the attacker shrieks, “Get out! Get the f— out!”

When Johnson asks what the woman’s problem is, she snarls back: “Why aren’t you in Africa, m—-f—- n—-r!”

“At first I thought she mistook me for someone else. It’s when she started screaming, ‘go back to Africa,’ that’s when I realized she meant me,” Johnson said, according to The Daily News.

Johnson said she’d never seen the woman before, and though she jogs several days a week, she changes her route regularly.

She said her instinct was to avoid further confrontation.

“I just wanted to get away from her as quickly as possible. My safety was my first concern. Her mentality is her problem,” she said. “I don’t really like to take on other people’s issues. That she thinks that way is her problem, not my problem.”

Noting Black women often have to deal with casual and overt acts of racism, Johnson had this advice: “Don’t let anyone steal your joy.”

“We’re really resilient as women. We’re soulful. As women of color, we’re deep thinkers. We stick together as women of color,” she said. “We know that these people exist. We rise above them. We don’t let them drag us down. We just keep moving forward, as I did in that video.”