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Now We Know Things We Didn’t Know About Marjorie Taylor Greene



Marjorie Taylor Greene

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has cemented her status as a QAnon propagandist, a cheater spouse, and an inciter of political violence, was the subject of HBO comedian Bill Maher’s monologue During a segment of Friday’s “Real Time With Bill Maher” where he revealed other things you may not know about the Georgia congresswoman.

Maher got viewers prepped for the upcoming midterm elections by delivering a run-down of “24 things you don’t know about Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

“One of the people I love to listen to on Twitter is Marjorie Taylor Greene. She’s really having a moment. Trump is considering her as a running-mate in 2024, and she’s also gotten a lot of incredible press. And when the Republicans take over Congress in 11 days, she’s gonna be very important there,” Maher said prior to the run-down of his humorous list.

“So we thought today would be a good time to do 24 things you don’t know about Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

Watch the segment below:


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