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Lindsey Graham Compared To Jim Bakker Over Latest Tearful Plea For Donations For Trump



Lindsey Graham

Appearing on Fox News host Sean Hannity’s program Tuesday night, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) almost broke in tears as he begged Trump supporters to donate through his website to pay the former president’s legal fees following his arraignment on New York fraud charges. His over-the-top performance caught the attention of MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, who couldn’t help comparing Graham to sketchy TV preachers.

Speaking with former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele, Scarborough heaped mockery on Graham’s tearful pleas for donations to help Trump’s legal defense.

“He’s even looking more like a 1980s televangelist,” Scarborough quipped. “You’ve got some of that Jimmy Swaggart crying going on, of course, he looks a lot like — oh my God, he’s slowly morphing into Jim Bakker. I don’t know who his Tammy Faye is. He’s looking more and more like Jim Bakker.”

Steele replied that Graham was sounding more and more like Trump, and he said his conduct was shameful.

“It’s so, so ridiculous, so embarrassing, so embarrassing that this is what the leadership of the Republican Party has become,” Steele said. “Some two-bit televangelist hawking for Donald Trump — not even good, not even good hawking.”

Watch the segment below from MSNBC.