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Matt Gaetz Suggests Russia And China Have Military Advantage Because They Don’t Care About Racism Or Gay People



Matt Gaetz

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz suggested that Russia and China have a military advantage over the United States because they don’t care about racism and don’t allow gays in the military.

Gaetz’s comments came during a recent interview with The Spectator after being schooled by Gen. Mark Milley during a hearing last month about the importance of studying critical race theory (CRT) and “white rage.”

“Nobody in Russia is quivering over their ‘white rage’ — whatever that is,’ the Florida Republican said. “In China, they spend money modifying submarines, not the genders of service-members.”

“And I’m going to battle against this,” he continued. “Only a Benedict Arnold would surrender the Pentagon to the Woketopia without a fight.”

He added: “We should leave the CRT curriculum books in Kabul when the last US plane pulls up its landing gear on the way out.”