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Marjorie Taylor Greene Ripped For Celebrating Fascist Victory In Italy In Misspelled Tweet



Marjorie Taylor Greene

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene on Monday celebrated the fascist Fratelli d’Italia party victory in Italy on Sunday only to get pummeled by critics for openly supporting fascism.

As much of the world watched with alarm, Greene and her far-right GOP colleagues applauded Sunday’s results, as Italy is on track to elect the most right-wing government since Mussolini after projections suggested a coalition led by fascist leader Giorgia Meloni is set to take power and become Italy’s next prime minister.

“Congratulations to Giorgio Meloni and to the people of Italy,” Greene wrote on Twitter, misspelling the right-wing leader’s first name.

Meloni is well-known to the far-right in the U.S., having spoken at the Conservative Political Action Conference and met with former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, who correctly described Meloni’s party—also known as Brothers of Italy—as “one of the old fascist parties.”

Her victory appears to be the result of a low voter Turnout. According to multiple reports, it was just 64 percent, down from 73 percent at the previous election in 2018, after heavy rain in many parts of the country.

If the projections and exit polls are confirmed, the fascist party will take control at a critical time for the European Union’s third-biggest economy, with Russia’s war in Ukraine driving inflation and testing the limits of Western unity against Moscow.

Naturally, Greene’s congratulatory tweet was met with disdain by critics.

Check some of the responses below: