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Marjorie Taylor Greene Inadvertently Admits That Jan 6 Was Indeed a ‘F***ing Insurrection’



Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene appeared to admit that the Jan 6,2021 riot was, in fact, an insurrection. (screenshot)

Irony seems to be the constant companion in the ever-unpredictable narrative of Marjorie Taylor Greene. In a stunning display of contradiction, the far-right representative casually implied that the January 6th events were indeed a “f***ing insurrection” during a live Twitter rant on Wednesday.

Greene, seemingly with nothing better to do, took to social media to criticize anti-war protesters advocating for peace in Gaza, dubbing their peaceful demonstrations as an “insurrection.”

She went so far as to broadcast the very protest she was condemning. Despite her vocal support for free speech, Greene expressed dismay at peaceful protesters exercising their First Amendment rights and accused them of supporting Hamas.

Adding to the irony, she fervently called for arrests and labeled the protest as “another “f***ing insurrection,” all while maintaining a staunch stance against wars.

The live stream concluded abruptly when Greene noticed that many protesters were wearing Jewish shirts, a peculiar trigger for her.

This incident inadvertently exposed her underlying belief that January 6th was indeed an insurrection, contradicting her previous attempts to downplay the Capitol riot as a “peaceful protest.”