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Maria Bartiromo Stunned After James Comer Descends Into Bizarre ‘Spy’ Rabbit Hole With Wild Allegations Against Biden



James Comer investigation into Joe Biden

Representative James Comer, the chair the House Oversight and Reform Committee, stunned Fox News host Maria Bartiromo with a series of wild claims about his investigation in the President Joe Biden and his family.

The Kentucky Republican surprised Bartiromo by claiming that an informant may have gone “missing” and suggested his disappearance was linked to “spy business.”

Comer, who alleged that the Bidens took in millions of dollars from foreign sources prior to President Joe Biden’s administration, talked of the family’s “influence peddling” despite a lack of evidence to substantiate the allegations.

The congressman told Bartiromo that the informant in the probe can’t be tracked down.

“We’re hopeful that the informant is still there. The whistleblower knows the informant. The whistleblower is very credible,” he said before claiming that the FBI’s communication to his committee suggests “there’s been a cover-up” involving the family.

“No president has ever been accused of the things that the Biden family’s been accused of,” Comer said.

Bartiromo, who is known for spreading conspiracy theories herself, was stunned by the allegations.

“Did you just say that the whistleblower or the informant is now missing?” Bartiromo asked.

“Well, we’re hopeful that we can find the informant,” he replied. “Remember these informants are kind of in the spy business so they don’t make a habit of being seen a lot or being high profile or anything like that.”

“Are there whistleblowers or informants missing right now?” Bartiromo continued.

“Nine of the 10 people that we’ve identified that have very good knowledge with respect to the Bidens, they’re one of three things,” he said. “They’re either currently in court, they’re currently in jail or they’re currently missing.”

“This is absolutely extraordinary,” Bartiromo replied.

Watch the exchange below.