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MAGA World is Burning Red at Taylor Swift With Bonkers Conspiracy Theory Ahead of Super Bowl



Right-wing media figures are targeting Taylor Swift with absurd conspiracy theory ahead of the Super Bowl.
Right-wing media figures are targeting Taylor Swift with absurd conspiracy theory ahead of the Super Bowl. (Photo: Imgur)

In a mind-bending twist of absurdity, right-wing media luminaries have set their sights on Taylor Swift, weaving an outlandish conspiracy theory just in time for the Super Bowl. As the Kansas City Chiefs gear up for Super Bowl LVIII, influential MAGA Media personalities are fervently spreading the bizarre notion that Swift is entangled in an elaborate psychological plot orchestrated by the NFL and the Democratic Party, all aimed at securing the 2024 presidential election for Joe Biden.

The onslaught against Swift has been steadily escalating, with Fox News host Jesse Watters pondering on his prime time show if Swift is a “Pentagon asset.” However, Monday saw a crescendo in the madness. The beef stems from Swift’s 2020 endorsement of President Joe Biden and her connection to Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who featured in an ad campaign for Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant. The New York Times poured fuel on the fire by reporting that Biden is eyeing Swift’s endorsement again this year.

Vivek Ramaswamy, the failed 2024 presidential candidate with a penchant for conspiracy theories, posted on X, speculating about the Super Bowl outcome and a potential major presidential endorsement from a culturally propped-up couple. Ramaswamy’s musings were in response to far-right conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec, who, during an interview with Roseanne Barr, suggested that Swift is being primed for election interference against Donald Trump. Barr concurred, claiming Swift speaks the establishment’s language and will be the key to manipulating the next election.

While celebrity endorsements are par for the course in presidential campaigns, insinuating that Swift, a global entertainment powerhouse, is a pawn in a grand establishment conspiracy is downright ludicrous. Yet, such rhetoric has seeped into the country’s increasingly contaminated information landscape.

Right-wing media personalities like Benny Johnson and Laura Loomer continue to propagate this anti-intellectual drivel, labeling Swift an “op” and accusing Democrats of orchestrating a Taylor Swift election interference psyop. Mike Crispi from Salem Media even goes so far as to claim the NFL is rigged for the Chiefs and Swift, all to disseminate Democrat propaganda.

The absurdity continues with predictions of a scripted Super Bowl win for Kansas City, with Swift endorsing Biden at the halftime show alongside Kelce. This bewildering narrative is echoed by numerous MAGA Media figures who, despite the sheer implausibility, peddle their concoctions to an audience that eagerly laps it up.

While it may be tempting to dismiss this as detached from reality, these conspiracy theories find a significant foothold within the Republican Party.

Figures endorsing such notions wield considerable influence and have millions of followers who rely on them for news and information. The prevalence of these far-fetched ideas raises questions about the state of conservative media and its disconnect from reality.

In the face of this surreal onslaught, engaging in a battle with Swift and her passionate fan base is not a situation that can be easily shrugged off.