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Larry Kudlow Gets Crushed On Fox News For Being a Hypocrite On The Nation’s Deficit



Former White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow got called out by Fox News host Chris Wallace on Friday after complaining about President Joe Biden increasing the government deficit to provide COVID-19 relief.

“Larry Kudlow, when he was working in the Trump White House and passing huge tax cuts and huge spending plans — including multi-trillion-dollar bills for COVID relief — there wasn’t so much concern about deficit and debt,” noted Wallace, now Kudlow’s colleague on Fox News. “He seems to have found religion — now that he’s back out of the government.”

Wallace noted on Fox’s “America Reports” that “on deficits and debt, it’s so interesting when people are out of office, they’re very concerned about them, but when they’re in office, they’re not so concerned.”

Earlier this week, Kudlow ripped the expense of Biden’s coronavirus relief bill and claimed that “behind this bill, there is going to be a so-called infrastructure bill. In that infrastructure bill, which could run [up to] $6 trillion, there’s going to be a big Green New Deal. I call it green socialism … which will kill our economy.”

Wallace noted that Kudlow is speculating about costs and legislation that have yet to be seen.

In any case, Kudlow shrugged off a record $22.5 trillion national debt in 2019, calling it not a “huge problem,” and “quite manageable.”

When Kudlow was in the Trump administration, federal costs soared and revenue plunged even prior to the pandemic, due to the $1.5 trillion Trump administration tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, whose tax rates were slashed from 35% to 21%.

Trump promised in the 2016 election that he would eliminate the country’s debt. Instead, the debt increased some 36% during his administration.

Watch the video below, via Fox News.