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Joe Scarborough Puts Ron DeSantis on a Blast For Feeble Remarks on Trump’s Conduct



Joe Scarborough trashes Ron DeSantis
MSNBC host Joe Scarborough harshly criticized Florida governor Ron DeSantis for his unwavering defense of Donald Trump in the face of an imminent indictment in the Jan. 6 investigation.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough unleashed a scathing attack on Ron DeSantis, tearing into the Florida governor for his unwavering defense of Donald Trump in the face of an imminent indictment in the Jan. 6 investigation.

With Trump himself revealing his status as a target in the probe, DeSantis, his leading Republican adversary, shockingly offered only feeble criticism for Trump’s egregious actions that fateful day.

In a desperate attempt to shield the former president, DeSantis shamelessly accused the Department of Justice of criminalizing legitimate political actions.

Scarborough wasted no time in expressing his utter contempt for DeSantis’s feeble response. He ruthlessly exposed DeSantis’s hypocrisy, branding him as a supposed tough guy who revels in bullying corporations that dare to advocate for diversity and leveling baseless attacks against others. Yet, when confronted with the indisputable fact that Trump callously sat idle in his office while his unhinged mob attempted to stage an insurrection against the very fabric of American democracy, DeSantis suddenly transformed into a spineless apologist.

“A guy who loves to play it tough, Ron DeSantis, a supposed tough guy who picks on, you know, picks on corporations that actually talk about diversity and picks on others, yesterday he was almost apologetic to call out Donald Trump for sitting in his office and doing nothing while Donald Trump’s mob tried to commit insurrection against the United States government,” Scarborough said.

Scarborough spared no words in condemning DeSantis’s cowardice, describing his demeanor as weak and his fear of Trump palpable. He ridiculed DeSantis’s nervous gestures, as if wiping his nose and face could erase the discomfort of confronting the truth. Despite DeSantis’s feeble attempt to downplay the severity of sedition against the United States of America, Scarborough highlighted the governor’s inaction, his abdication of responsibility, and his complicity in the face of blatant treason.

“He looked so weak up there, he looked so afraid of Donald Trump. He kind of wiped his nose and face, he was nervous after saying, of course, not a crime, not a crime to commit sedition against the United States of America basically is what he was saying, but still he just sat back and did nothing,” Scarborough said.

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