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Herschel Walker’s Interview Goes Viral Following ‘Erection’ Gaffe



Herschel Walker

With early voting set to take place in the important Georgia runoff election, Republican candidate Herschel Walker is going viral after suffering an unfortunate gaffe while trying to drum up support for his campaign.

Walker’s mishap came during an interview on Fox News Tuesday night. Flanked by Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), the former football star attempted to reiterate the significance of his election.

“This election is about more than Herschel Walker,” he said. “This erection is about the people, he added.”

Neither Cruz nor Graham appeared to notice the gaffe, but the clip quickly went viral and sent #Erection trending on Twitter overnight.

The gaffe came after a second woman who accused Walker of pressuring her into having an abortion came forward with new allegations on Tuesday, presenting photos, and even an audio recording, as evidence of their relationship after he claimed she was lying.

The woman also challenged Walker to meet her in person and “lie” to her face.

Watch the interview below:


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