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Fox News Host Blames Hunter Biden’s Laptop For Food Shortage Caused By Putin’s Invasion Of Ukraine



Greg Gutfeld

As experts warn that the Russian invasion of Ukraine could bring severe food shortages and famine, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld believes that Vladimir Putin is not the one responsible for the current dire situation. Instead, he is blaming —get this— President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.

During a segment on the Fox News roundtable show “The Five” flagged by The Daily Beast, Gutfeld invoked the 2004 science fiction movie The Butterfly Effect as the panel discussed the deficient food supply and subsequent price increases forecasted by the Biden administration.

“This is a consequence of the laptop coverup,” Gutfeld said, referring to how Twitter and Facebook blocked or restricted links to an October 2020 New York Post article (pitched by Rudy Giuliani) containing nefarious material alleged to have come from a laptop owned by Biden, The Beast noted.

“Let’s do The Butterfly Effect here using the laptop,” Gutfeld continued “Number one: the New York Post publishes the laptop story, and then tech and media and the Democrats collude together to bury it, and therefore we don’t know about ‘the big guy,’ Joe Biden, and that corruption.”

What exactly “that corruption” meant, Gutfeld didn’t specify. From there, he argued that had this trio not worked to “bury” the laptop story, Donald Trump would have won re-election. Instead, he said, Biden “wins the election—thanks to the cabal—and then the unpredictable force of Trump is missing.”

Gutfeld concluded by saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin sees the Biden administration provides an “opening” to launch his attack. Putin “uses the U.S.–Ukraine agreement [about] NATO on November 10 to invade. Famine!” a confident-sounding Gutfeld exclaimed. “That’s the butterfly effect. It goes all the way back to the laptop coverup.”

Watch the segment below:

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