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Fox News ‘A–hole’ Greg Gutfeld Slammed For Saying Media Is ‘Amplifying’ Putin’s Atrocities In Ukraine To Provoke ‘Emotional’ Reaction



Greg Gutfeld

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld sparked a wave of angry responses for accusing the media of “amplifying” the Russian aggression in Ukraine to generate an “emotional” reaction from viewers.

The right-wing personality made his comments during a discussion about the war on “The Five” where he complained that the media was emotionally manipulating viewers to create a “narrative” about the war in Ukraine that he believed may not be true.

“I can’t help but feel that this is like a lot of other stories that we’ve gone through in the digital age, in which an image is taken and then played over and over and over again to create some kind of emotional response out of you, because that makes a profit, for the news companies,” he said during the show.

He then compared the coverage of Russia’s invasion to the BLM protests over police brutality.

“So for a long time, we saw nothing but videos of police brutality and then over time we discovered the mundane reality that police were interacting with suspects in high-crime areas, and that led to certain kinds of problems.”

As noted by Raw Story, Gutfeld got some pushback from correspondent Benjamin Hall, who was actually on the ground in Kyiv.

Watch Gutfeld’s comments and some of the responses below.