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Fox & Friends: Host Triggers Awkward Silence With Fact-Check on Republican Senator



Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS)
Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS) (Screenshot)

An unsettling hush descended upon the set of ‘Fox & Friends’ after host Brian Kilmeade fact-checked Republican Senator Roger Marshall, of Kansas, in the course of Friday’s episode of the conservative program.

In that particular segment, Marshall hyped up the latest purported “bombshell” revelation from Rep. James Comer (R-KY) concerning President Joe Biden. The assertion was that Biden had been reimbursed by his son’s company to settle a loan he had extended to his son for the purchase of a truck.

Excitedly sharing the information, Marshall stated, “I think the smoking gun that people missed is Comer releasing that there was a monthly stipend from one of these shell companies of Hunter’s going to Joe Biden! Connecting the dots!”

Kilmeade responded, “He said he was paying him back for a truck.”

This prompted an uncomfortable silence, as Marshall seemed taken aback by this previously unconsidered information.

“I’m just telling you what he said,” Kilmeade remarked, observing Marshall’s lack of response.

Undeterred, Marshall insisted, “But regardless, this smells like a bribe to me!”

Despite the difficulty in seeing how Biden could profit from repaying money he had lent to his son, Marshall insisted, “What did Hunter do to earn this money? Uh, nothing at all, and really, this is influence peddling.”