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Florida Man Found Naked In Apartment Of Two Women Is Arrested After Telling Police He Is Unsure Which Of The Two Women Is His Wife



Alberto Araya

A Florida man is behind bars after two women, who did not know him, found the man naked in their apartment in Gainesville, Florida, local ABC station WCJB reports.

Authorities said that Alberto Araya, 19, was recorded on security footage damaging the exit sign at The Standard Apartments on West University Avenue while wearing only green shorts. He then entered an apartment of people he doesn’t know.

When the two residents returned home, they found Araya standing completely naked in their living room.

The residents immediately left. Araya left about 15 minutes later, still not wearing any clothes, leaving hundreds of dollars worth of damage inside the apartment,

When police confronted Araya, the man claimed he was inside the apartment because he believed his wife was there. He claimed one of the victims was his wife, however, he was unsure which of the two women was his wife.

Not surprisingly, detectives later determined Araya is not married.

Araya was arrested on charges of burglary and multiple counts of property damage, according to the report.


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