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Early Morning Desperation Hits Trump In Frantic Call For ‘HELP’ On Truth Social



Desperate Trump
Former President Donald Trump has issued a desperate call for help amid the looming dissolution of his New York businesses after being found liable for fraud. (Screenshot)

Donald Trump, grappling with the looming dissolution of his New York businesses, took to Truth Social in the early morning to issue a frantic call for help. In his post, he revisited familiar tirades against New York Attorney General Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron.

Trump kicked off his message by decrying the New York Attorney General’s case against him as “ridiculous,” accusing James of incompetence and racism, and asserting without evidence that the case was subject to global mockery.

“The ridiculous A.G. case against me in New York, brought by the Racist and Incompetent Peekaboo James, is being studied and mocked all over the World,” Trump wrote, without providing any evidence to support his claim.

He lamented the alleged exodus of companies, blaming both the case and the perceived political bias of Judge Engoron for tarnishing the image of the New York State Legal System and Courts. Trump expressed frustration at not having a jury and bemoaned the escalating rates of murders and violent crime in the state.

“Companies are Fleeing! It, and the highly political, Trump Hating Judge, are DESTROYING the Image and Reputation of the New York State Legal System & Courts. I don’t even get a Jury! All of this while MURDERS & VIOLENT CRIME HIT UNIMAGINABLE RECORDS! This is sooo bad for New York,” Trump asserted before imploring for outside intervention to bail him out.

“HELP!” he pleaded. “The respected Commercial Division, where it should have been sent in the first place, must take over this ‘sh.. show.'”

Donald Trump asks for help


Beyond the jeopardy to his businesses, Trump is confronting indictments in four jurisdictions, comprising a total of 91 criminal charges.

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