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‘Do We Have a House Ni–er In Here?’: Alabama Republican Shouts Racist Slur At Black Female Council Member In Meeting



Tommy Bryant

Tommy Bryant, a Republican council member in the city of Tarrant, Alabama, casually blurted out a shocking racist slur at a meeting on Monday when talking about council member Veronica Freeman, who is Black.

“Do we have a house nigger in here? Do we? Do we? Will she please stand up?” Bryant said a video posted online shows (watch it below).

Just before Bryant made that comment, a member of the public questioned him about his wife using the same slur on social media, Bama Politics reported.

“The video speaks for itself,” said Mayor Wayman Newton, who is Black, according to The Daily Beast.

Bryant accused Newton of using the term previously to describe Freeman and said he repeated it to amplify the gravity of it. reported that tensions have simmered between Bryant and Newton, Bama Politics noted. The Daily Beast also reported a “power struggle” between Newton and the white ex-police chief, Dennis Reno. The Alabama Democratic Party demanded that Bryant resign.”

Watch the video below.