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Did Democrats Just Nailed William Barr For Perjury?



For all the cover-up, dishonesty, and fallacy we heard out of Bill Barr during today’s hearing, only two things really mattered. First, did Barr get so agitated that he said something damaging to Donald Trump’s reelection effort? Second, did the Democrats get Barr to tell an easily provable lie under oath, so they can nail him for perjury? Well, it appears the latter has indeed happened.

When the Democrats asked Bill Barr a question involving Donald Trump’s tweets, Barr insisted that he doesn’t even look at Trump’s tweets. But as pointed out by former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner, Barr claimed a few months ago that Trump’s tweets about Roger Stone were making his job difficult. Wait. What?!

During his testimony today, Bill Barr claimed under oath that he’s never even seen the tweets that he’s previously complained about. Either Barr was lying then, or he’s lying now under oath. For something to be felony perjury, it generally has to be considered relevant to the matter at hand. But Barr was specifically asked about Trump’s tweets, and he appears to have lied about Trump’s tweets in response – thus making this a potentially easily provable perjury case.

Of course, the DOJ isn’t going to bring perjury charges against Bill Barr as long as Barr and Donald Trump are in control of the DOJ. But Trump is in grave danger of losing the election, and if he does, it’s a given that the DOJ will want to make an example out of Barr for his lawlessness.

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