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CBS Host Bursts Into Laughter After Kevin McCarthy Claims Democrats ‘Tried To Force a Government Shutdown’



CBS host Margaret Brennan interviews House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. (Screenshot)
CBS host Margaret Brennan interviews House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. (Screenshot)

CBS host Margaret Brennan burst into laughter when House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) claimed that Democrats did everything possible to prompt a government shutdown.

During an interview on “Face The Nation conversation” on Sunday, McCarthy attributed issues with passing a temporary government funding bill to Democrats.

“I wasn’t sure it was going to pass,” he remarked. “You want to know why? Because the Democrats tried to do everything they can not to let it pass.”

Brennan responded with laughter and countered McCarthy’s claim, pointing out that more Democrats than Republicans had voted for the bill to keep the continuing resolution alive.

“Democrats were the ones who voted for this in a larger number than Republicans to keep the continuing resolution alive,” she said.

McCarthy, undeterred, defended his stance, recounting the events on the House floor, including dilatory actions and an attempt to adjourn by Democrats.

“Did you watch the floor yesterday?” McCarthy asked.

In response, Brennan, maintaining her composure, highlighted that a significant number of Republicans had voted against the bill.

“Yes,” Brennan replied. “Ninety Republicans voted against it.”

“OK, so let’s walk through what actually happened,” McCarthy responded. “First of all, the Democrats stood up and did dilatory actions, asked to adjourn. So was that supporting to adjourn? Then they used the magic minute. They went as far as pulling the fire alarm, not to try to get the bill to come up.”

“We are going to make sure we keep it open while we finish the job we’re supposed to do,” he added.

See the full discussion below from CBS.