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CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE: Evangelicals Turn On ‘Elementary Schoolchild’ Trump Who ‘Has To Go’



Donald Trump evangelicals

Evangelical leaders who supported Donald Trump’s campaign and presidency are suddenly expressing misgivings about the former president’s third White House bid.

According to a report published by the Huffington Post, prominent evangelical figures are cringing over Trump’s announcement that he is running for president again in 2024 as many are not buying his making America great again slogan.

Pastor Mike Evans, who was among those who visited the White House to meet with Trump, spoke with The Washington Post and made it clear that he is done with the former president.

“He used us to win the White House. We had to close our mouths and eyes when he said things that horrified us,” Evans told the newspaper. “I cannot do that anymore.”

Meanwhile, pastor Robert Jeffress, who advised Trump during his 2016 presidential run, also admitted that he’s distancing from the former president.

“The Republican Party is headed toward a civil war that I have no desire or need to be part of,” Jeffress told Newsweek. However, Jeffress also insists that he still sees Trump as “a great friend.”

Washington Times columnist Everett Piper was blunter, writing that “the take-home of this past week is simple: Donald Trump has to go.”

“If he‘s our nominee in 2024, we will get destroyed,” Piper wrote.

James Robison, the president of the Christian group Life Outreach International, attended a meeting for the National Association of Christian Lawmakers (NACL) last week where he expressed similar concerns.

“If Mr. Trump can’t stop his little petty issues, how does he expect people to stop major issues?” Robison said before revealing what he told the president in private.

“Sir, you act like a little elementary schoolchild and you shoot yourself in the foot every morning you get up and open your mouth! The more you keep your mouth closed, the more successful you’re gonna be!”


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