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Authorities Apprehend Pigeon In Prison Yard Wearing A Backpack With Crystal Meth Inside



Pigeon drug smuggler

Authorities in Canada captured a pigeon that landed in a prison yard with a tiny backpack filled with meth, according to multiple reports. The avian drug trafficker was captured at the Pacific Institution in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

John Randle, Pacific regional president of the Union for Canadian Correctional Officers, told the CBC the bird was in an inmate yard when officers on site noticed it had a tiny package on its back; that package contained 30 grams of meth.

“They had to corner it,” Randle said. “You can imagine how that would look, trying to catch a pigeon.” He said they captured the bird after “a lengthy period of time,” seized the drugs, and set it free.

While prison staff, visitors, mail, and drones are more commonly used to get contraband into jail, pigeons apparently have a long history of transporting drugs—and also wearing tiny backpacks.

Corrections Canada is investigating the incident, the CBC stated.

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