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35 People Confirmed Dead, Dozens Missing After Russian Strike On Apartment Building In Ukraine



Russia war crimes

At least 35 civilians were killed and dozens are missing as rescuers searched through the night for survivors in the rubble of an apartment building hit by a Russian missile strike in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro, Ukrainian officials said Sunday, NBC News reports.

As the hunt for those buried in the debris went on, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy offered his “condolences to relatives and friends” of the victims, saying in a Telegram post that a child was among those killed in the strike on the city in south-central Ukraine.

“Round the clock. We continue to fight for every life,” he said.

The death toll rose to 35, officials said Monday, with at least 75 people wounded and 35 others still missing.

Emergency workers clearing the rubble said Sunday they could hear people trapped under piles of debris screaming for help, but with freezing temperatures rescuers faced a race against time to pull them from the debris.

While observing a moment of silence in a house destroyed by shelling, rescuers overheard one woman and managed to pull her from the rubble, officials said in a Telegram post.

Russia had launched three air strikes, 57 missile strikes and 69 attacks from heavy weapon rocket salvo systems on Sunday. Ukrainian forces shot down 26, NBC News reported, citing an official statement.